Wooden Doll, Dressed [#708]

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The practice of using dolls to transmit new fashions began as early as 1396 when dolls were sent from the French courts to the Queen of England. In Colonial America "Fashion Dolls" were sent across the Atlantic dressed in exact miniature detail showing all aspects of the current fashion. Underclothes, stays,hats and even hair styles not only illustrated the look but showed patterns and techniques to the designers and milliners. Eventually the dolls became playthings for children. Our doll measured 12" tall and is jointed at the knees and hips with wooden pegs. The arms too are moveable. Original dolls would have had intricately painted faces which could even include glass eyes and human hair wigs. Our dressed doll is a much plainer version, left unpainted and wearing basic campfollower clothing, a chemise, skirt, shortgown apron and cap. The hair is made of tow and set in a bun.

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