Von Steuben's Continentals: The First American Army DVD [#GDVD3]

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This brand new Revolutionary War Docu-drama is a live-action, full-color film detailing the creation and drill of the Revolutionary War American soldier from the defeats as a militia rabble in 1776 to success after Valley Forge in 1779-1781. It details all of the movements in Baron Von Steuben's "Blue Book" drill manual, as well as detailing the various uniforms, equipment, weapons, camps, marching, soldier life in camp, food and battles of the Continental Soldier. This is a high-quality, first-of-its kind documentary, using actors and re-enactors in authentic uniforms and settings to tell the story of the men of this great Army. This is the first in a planned 35 DVD "American Soldier Series" detailing the lives, times and world of the American fighting men (and women) through history. WINNER "BEST DOCUMENTARY" AT THE 28TH ANNUAL TELLY AWARDS INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION. 45 minutes. 2006. Produced by LionHeart FilmWorks.

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