Small Sword with White Bronze Hardware & Ebony Grip [#371C]

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These swords had their origin about 350 years ago and were a modification of the Rapier, a much heavier weapon. The Small Sword is the first one ever developed solely for civilian wear. The style of the blade shown is called a "Colichemarde", one that was quite broad along the forte, diminishing rapidly to the point. This was the feature that gave the weapon its extreme lightness and maneuverability. The blade is extremely stiff; the triangular shape makes it a stabbing weapon, not a flexible fencing weapon. Blade length: 31". Three edged, hollow ground, hand-forged, hardened and tempered, ground and polished. Weight: (sword) 17 ounces. Weight: (scabbard only) 6 ounces. Hilt: White bronze , gadrooned. Grip: Ebony, spiral cut with double rows of very fine twisted silver wire. Scabbard: Hand cut from wood and wrapped in fine black leather, sewn in place. Lockets and chapes are white bronze, handmade.

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