Size Chart



Directions for Ordering Shoes: Generally, our stock size shoes run larger than standard size. When ordering shoes over the phone or by mail, please give us your regular shoe size and the length of your stocking foot from your big toe to your heel. This is most accurately done by standing on a piece of paper and marking the toe and heel with a pencil held vertically.

With this measurement we can let you know if we have shoes in stock that stand a good chance of fitting. If we do, please try the shoes on while standing on a carpeted surface. If the shoes do not fit, please return them, insured, along with a note stating how you would like us to proceed (i.e. if a smaller or larger size might work or if you want a refund.)

If we don't have your size or style in stock, or if your foot is something other than an average width, shoes need to be ordered from the factory. Your foot measurements, including (1) around the ball of your foot, (2) around the instep and (3) around the heel need to be provided, as well as tracings of both feet. This information is then sent to the factory and a custom pair of shoes is made to your size and measurements. This is a blessing for those of you with unusual sizes. We have made shoes as large as a size 16 in the past! If you have any special needs such as a narrow heel, high instep, flat feet or even inserts, please make a note of it. This will be taken into account when your shoes are made. Those of you with inserts, please have the tracings and measurements done with the inserts.

Delivery time is 4 months being sent by surface from the factory. Shoes can be shipped by Airmail for an additional $30.00 with a delivery time of 8 weeks.

Directions for Ordering Hats: We have our hats custom made for our customers. To do this,we need your head measurement in inches using a tape measure around your head at thewidest circumference. If you plan to wear a wig with your hat, please take this measurement while wearing the wig.

Directions for Ordering Gaiters: We custom make our gaiters to our customers' specifications. To ensure proper fit, please provide the necessary measurements as outlined in the gaiters size chart at right. When doing so, be sure to measure over the clothing that will be worn with the gaiters.