Robe a la Francaise or Sack-back Gown [#GBG3]

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This is the classic version of the lovely 18th century "Sack-back" gown,the Robe a la Francaise, circa 1770 The dress has a fitted front, with adjustable laces over a separate stomacher, and a full pleated back. Robings of gathered lace edge the bodice, stomacher, and skirt sides. Sleeves are trimmed with one flounce of fabric and two of gathered lace, and the seperate petticoat has ruffles of fabric and lace. The gown skirt features inside loops and ties to create the fashionable, gathered-up "polonaise" fashion look. This is a two-piece ensemble : gown, skirt, and stomacher may be done in contrasting colors. Prices start at $1179.75.

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