Ladies' 18th Century Ball Gown [#GBG1]

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This formal ensemble is made up of the petticoat (underskirt) and gown, the common components of the 18th century lady's wardrobe. Like the day dress, the ball gown also features a low square neckline and natural waist. The center front of the bodice is trimmed as a false stomacher with a layer of lace emphasizing the pointed center front. Sleeves are elbow length with rich, frothy flounces of lace at the elbows. Bands of ruched lace, called "robings" run up the front edges of the gown and around the neckline. The petticoat is a full underskirt with a wide flounce of lace along the front lower edge. The gown has a back-laced placket closing. Prices start at $688.00.

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