East India Company Tea Crate [#452T]

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Offered here is our East India Company tea crate. In 1776, tea was shipped in wooden containers sturdy enough to withstand a long ocean voyage and rough handling by longshoremen, which is why the "Indians" at the Boston tea party carried tomahawks to smash open the crates. The crates were painted to be somewhat water and air tight. This is an authentic reproduction of a crate shipped by the East India Company to Williamsburg, Virginia in 1774. It is accurately painted in the correct sun yellow and black and features tea blossoms used to identify the contents to those who cannot read, the Chinese black tea glyphs for those who can read chinese, and the markings in English for the Company. One side has the full color flag of the East India Company, and the opposite has the actual 1700s addressee of the Boston Tea Party tea, Davison Newman & Co., Ltd., Boston. The top is marked with the net weight and the authentic East India Company logo. The crate is made of sturdy pine so it is lightweight. The corners are reinforced for sturdiness, held in with period nails. The bottom is reinforced with two skids. All joints are also glued with construction adhesive for superior strength and as a barrier against moisture and insects. The unhinged lid fits inside the top and is removable. Exterior dimensions are 20 "L x 18-1/2"W x 20"H; interior dimensions are 18-3/8"L x 17"W x 18-3/8"H, perfectly sized to hold your cooler! The East India Company tea crate makes an excellent chest for your gear, a sturdy camp table, an enviable seat, and is conveniently sized to fit almost any vehicle. Perfect for tailgaiting, and always a great conversation piece! Shipping for this item is $30.00. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. (Does not contain any tea.)

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